Green walls

Green walls


Add the wow-factor to your vertical spaces with an Inleaf Green Wall

Our green walls (also called vertical gardens) are a great way to bring living plants and greenery to premium spaces. We specialise designing, installing and maintaining living green wall projects for commercial and high-end residential projects throughout the UK.

  • Bespoke living wall
  • Six Live Picture displays
  • Outdoor living wall
  • Live Pictures in restaurant
  • Internal living wall
  • External living wall
  • Live Pictures in office
  • Living wall at Inleaf showroom
Examples of green walls, installed by Inleaf.

Our team’s expertise in landscape architecture, landscaping and engineering means that we’re specialists in designing, installing and maintaining green walls to the highest standard. We’re ideally placed to help with your living wall project.

Green wall options & alternatives

We specialise in providing ‘Green living walls’, but also have some other vertical greening options which can help bring greenery to feature spaces.

Benefits of green walls

When green walls are discussed, the main objective is often to create a stunning design effect. Whilst it’s certainly true that a well-designed green wall can create a wow factor within premium space, there are many more benefits of living green walls.

The benefits of living plants in the indoor environment are well understood, however a challenge in modern buildings is that the floor-space they occupy is often at a premium. Living green walls can solve this problem by allowing greenery to be incorporated into suitable vertical spaces.

There are lots of benefits for external vertical gardens too. They help increase biodiversity, provide additional insulation properties to buildings and reduce the urban heat island effect.

Adding greenery to new and renovated buildings can provide extra BREEAM credits too.

We work direct, with architects and interior designers

Whilst we can work with clients on living green wall design, installation and maintenance, we commonly work with architects, interior designers and main-contractors to deliver effective living wall projects, often as part of a larger body of works and our team are happy to work in the way that suits you and your project.

How much does a living wall cost?

A common question we are asked is "How much does a living green wall cost?". Although the area of a proposed living wall (the square-meterage) is a good place to start, there are several other aspects that will affect the living wall costs, for example:

  • Whether it’s internal or external green wall
  • The requirements and location of the irrigation system
  • Detailing of the living green wall (a simple square will cost less than a complex design)
  • Suitability of the underlying supporting wall
  • Irrigation and lighting requirements to support the green wall
  • Other site considerations, such as any access equipment requirements

We’re happy to discuss your requirements in more detail to estimate the green wall costs for your proposed project based on any drawings and/or initial discussions that you may have.

We also provide and maintain self-contained living wall systems and Live Pictures which come in standard sizes. These can be a cost-effective alternative to a bespoke-installed living wall if they suit your requirements.

Green wall maintenance

Once installed, regular maintenance is essential to ensure the long-term success of your living green wall and its supporting system.

As we both install and maintain green wall projects we can advise on the projected maintenance costs and work with you to create the effect you’re looking for. We can also help ‘value-engineer’ your project to make the maintenance as cost-effective as possible.

Automatic irrigation

A key part of any green wall project is the design and installation of a suitable irrigation ssytem to automatically feed and water the plants and ensure the scheme continues to thrive.

At Inleaf we design and build irrigation systems and controllers to ensure that our living green wall installations function correctly, use water judiciously and meet all water regulations.

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