Seven surprising benefits of office plants

The science behind the benefits of office plants in the workplace is as compelling as it is comprehensive.

Research by top universities and NASA has found that these seven office plants benefits hold the key to making your working environment healthier, happier and more productive.

  1. 1. Productivity

    It may sound unbelievable, but separate studies by Washington State University and Exeter University found that living office plants increased employee productivity by 12% to 15%.

  2. 2. Improved air quality

    Airborne chemicals such as ammonia, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene can be emitted by everyday office items such as paper, furniture, carpets and cleaning products. A NASA study found plants removed 87% of these chemicals in just 24 hours, as well as removing 50-60% of airborne dust and mould.

  3. 3. Employee wellbeing

    Research by Exeter University found that plants can increase staff wellbeing by 47%.

  4. 4. Reduced sick leave

    A 2013 CBI study found sick leave costs businesses an average of £975 per employee per year. Plants are proven to mitigate illnesses such as the common cold, fatigue, headaches, coughs and dry facial skin.

  5. 5. Reduce stress

    According to the Stress Management Society, government statistics indicate that for every £1 you invest in staff wellbeing, there’s a return of £3 in improved efficiency and productivity – placing living plants in the workplace can reduce staff stress by up to 50%.

  6. 6. Customer spending

    Interior plants can create favourable conditions for retail activity, leading to customers visiting more frequently, staying longer, rating product quality 30% higher and willing to pay up to 12% more.

  7. 7. First impressions

    Plants make your environment look better and in business, first impressions count. Adding plant displays to your reception has an immediate positive impact and will improve your visitors' perception of your business.


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