Artificial green walls

Artificial green walls


Looking to bring Biophilic design to your spaces but want to avoid the maintenance? Inleaf’s artificial green walls are the ideal way to add impressive, premium greening to your vertical spaces.

Made from high quality artificial plant foliages arranged in an attractive and varied design.

  • Fire-retardant artificial green wall
  • UV-stable artificial green wall
  • Bespoke green wall
  • Green wall attached to office ceiling
  • Fire retardant green wall close-up
  • Fire-rated green wall
  • High quality fake green wall
  • Trailing fake green wall
Artificial green walls, installed by Inleaf.

Fire retardant & UV stable

Unlike many alternatives, our green walls panels are UV-stable to prevent discolouration in sunlight and – crucially – are made from fire retardant materials. This means they can be safely installed in indoor spaces within building regulations.

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