Desktop office plants | Reception plant displays

Desktop office plants | Reception plant displays


Desktop office plant hire to bring colour to your workplace

Desktop office plant displays are used in reception areas and other prominent positions within a building, providing a colourful welcome to staff and visitors and the usual health benefits associated with living plants.

These desktop office plant displays have all been installed and maintained by our team:

  • Feature Orchid reception plant display
  • Preserved moss desktop displays
  • Red Guzmania desktop plants
  • Mixed succulent reception plant display
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Desktop office plants, installed by Inleaf.

How our service works

  1. Step 1 - Free consultancy

    Step 1 – Design meeting

    The first step is to book your design consultation and site survey. This is a no-obligation chat to discuss ideas and options for your scheme, and for us to advise on the plants that are best suited to the conditions in each space.

  2. Step 2 - Delivery and installation

    Step 2 – Delivery and installation

    Should you wish to go ahead then we deliver and install your fantastic plant displays. We prepare everything in advance so there’s no hassle or disruption to you.

  3. Step 3 - Regular maintenance

    Step 3 – Regular maintenance

    Once installed, we visit regularly to maintain the plant displays and ensure they look great. If a plant suffers a natural failure or outgrows its position then we replace it for free.


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Desktop office plants provide a colourful welcome to the workplace

Having desktop office plants is a great way to welcome visitors and staff to the workplace. They add colour and interest to what can often be a drab, corporate environment. Orchids, Guzmanias, and Anthuriums are examples of plants that can be used to add colour. Increasingly popular are colour-tipped spiky plants that add a contemporary twist amongst more standard desktop displays.

Less costly and more sustainable than fresh floristry

Fresh flowers are beautiful, but they are very costly to repeatedly replace. Desktop office plants are the perfect substitute. The are sustainable and easily maintained, particularly when using our maintenance package where we regularly feed and water the plants for you.

How we work with you

We’re a friendly team that love creating planting schemes and managing projects through to fruition, so we do all the work. For you, the process is straightforward; we deliver and install your plant displays in the agreed locations and then visit regularly to maintain them.

Are desktop plant displays the ideal solution for you?

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to brighten up your offices, and provide a range of health benefits to your staff, desktop plant displays are a perfect way to achieve it all. We’d be delighted to talk through options with you, so fill in the form on this page, or call us to request a design consultation.

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