Hanging office plant installation for a company with limited floor space in Crewe

Hanging office plant installation for a company with limited floor space in Crewe
  • White planters on steel wires were suspended from exposed beams
  • Living pictures were installed with mixed foliage that suited the light levels
  • Spiky Sansevierias were dotted around the offices in colour-coordinated planters
  • In reception are large planter in turquoise was used to match the company branding

Inleaf were approached by communications provider, Cymphony, to add life and greenery to their offices in Crewe.

Cymphony provide telephone answering and virtual PA services to business clients. They wanted to improve the working environment for their desk-based staff by installing living plants.

The company’s offices are located in The Dovecote, a beautiful, converted barn complex. The building has exposed brickwork, with imposing structural wooden beams in the upstairs offices.

We soon discovered that floor space was at a minimum so for coverage, a hanging solution would work well for this installation.

On the exposed beams we suspended white cube planters on steel wires to add planting to the centre of the main office area. Inside the planters we put trailing Epipremnum, an evergreen perennial vine with aerial roots. In other rooms, we hung living pictures with added mixed foliage which worked well with the light levels.

Where floor space was available in meeting rooms, we dotted floor standing containers planted with spiky Sansevierias. We matched the bold container colours to furnishings and wall colours. In the reception area we chose a striking over-sized oval container in turquoise to match the company branding, also planted with spiky Sansevierias.

The client was delighted with the installation, and the transformation to the office environment of adding living plants to the interior décor.