Buy office plants

Buy office plants


Buy office plants with expert installation

If you’re looking to buy office plants online you’ll usually find that options are limited, with only cheap, small-scale and uninspiring displays available.

Our office plant purchase service is different. Feature plants, commercial-scale containers and expert installation means your office plant displays will be an impressive addition to your workplace.

  • Colour co-ordinated office plants
  • Contemporary office plants
  • Palm office plant package
  • Zamioculus Zamiofolia plant display
  • Sansevieria office plant display
  • Colourful office plant
  • Desktop office plants
  • Reception desk office plants
  • Multi-coloured office plant displays
  • Package office plants
  • Windowsill plant display
  • Sequence of office plants
  • Inleaf showroom meeting room
Examples of office plants to buy, installed by Inleaf.

How to buy office plants.

Step 1 - Meet to discuss your office plants

Step 1 – Discuss your options

You can get an idea of office plant prices from our website, then get in touch to discuss what you’re looking for in more detail. We can then suggest plant options that are best suited to the conditions in your office.


Step 2 - We deliver and install the plants in your office

Step 2 – Delivery and installation

Should you wish to go ahead then we deliver and install your office plant displays. We prepare everything in advance to avoid disruption.


Step 3 - We regularly visit your office to maintain the plants

Step 3 – Optional maintenance

Once installed, you have the option for us to maintain your displays should you wish. We’ll visit regularly to look after your plant displays and ensure they look great. If a plant suffers a natural failure or outgrows its position then we replace it for free.


Choosing the right plants

Choosing the right plants for the different conditions around your building can be challenging. And if you want plants that will thrive then it’s important to get some professional advice, and that’s how Inleaf can help.

We can conduct an onsite survey and design consultancy to ensure you get the right plants and have a plant display that creates the visual impact you want. We offer a wide choice of plant species and sizes to suit any and all conditions. We also provide a wide range of container designs and colours to complement any décor or branding.

The benefits of buying living plants for offices

Living plants oxygenate and purify the air in offices. Research proves they can remove 87% of airborne chemicals created by everyday items such as paper, furniture, and cleaning products, within 24 hours of being installed. And that means a healthier and environment for your employees.

Research has also proven that living plants can help increase employee productivity by as much as 15% and reduce sickness.

Plants will create that all important great first impression and improve visitors’ perception of your business. They have tremendous visual impact, and lush foliage will help fill spaces and add colour and interest to your interior.

One-off purchase or ongoing rental

As an alternative to buying office plants outright, we also provide office plant hire in an all-inclusive rental and maintenance package if you prefer.

Visit our office plant prices page to see prices for both outright purchase or rental and maintenance for comparison. Or get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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