Living wall for Manchester office

  • Client requested a feature indoor living wall for their Manchester office
  • We recommended a series of six Live Pictures to create a modular design effect
  • Our regular maintenance service ensures the wall will continue to thrive
  • As the office is leased, the installation can easily move with the client

By Daniel Atherton


Living green walls are a fantastic addition to any space.

They not only provide a visual wow factor that makes people stop and stare, but also allow the benefits of living plants in unexpected areas. And where floor space is at a premium.

We also like them because they let us flex our mix of design, horticulture and engineering skills to come up with a solution that fits each individual client brief and situation.

Like this installation in Manchester, for example…

Manchester Living wall project

We were asked by the client to suggest ways to incorporate a living green wall into their office as part of a wider refurbishment they were carrying out.

The client understood the benefits of living plants (so much so that they regularly test the office air quality and levels of carbon dioxide), and wanted a living wall to improve their indoor environment.

We identified a number of challenges that needed to be overcome and suggested a few approaches.

Our living wall solution

After discussing the options, the client settled on a series of six individual Live Picture units placed in a uniform matrix pattern to create a living wall effect. This provided a number of benefits over other possible alternatives.

Firstly, the wall where it was to be installed was curved, which procluded a number of living wall systems that struggle to accommodate anything other than straight spans. Solving that problem, the individual units also look good against the visual curve of the wall that supports them.

Each Live Picture unit includes a discrete irrigation system in the frame, meaning that they are manually fed by our technicians as part of the regular maintenance, rather than being plumbed into the building’s water supply. This avoided the need to spend time and money to meet water regulations and get landlord’s approval.

From a commercial point of view, as the client rents the office space the wall would have to be removed when the lease ends. The modular living wall units can be easily moved when the client does, avoiding unecessary hassle and ‘dilapidation’ costs.

Living wall plants: A breath of fresh air

For the planting, we selected plants that create an interesting depth of effect within the space, and which are immediately noticeable when first arriving at the office from the main entrance down the hall.

Mindful of the client’s brief to improve the air quality in the office, the planting scheme we installed features plants that are proven to perform very well in removing toxins from the air. Aptly named ‘A breath of fresh air’, this scheme includes Peace Lillies (Spathiphyllum Cupido), Ivy (Hedera helix) and Ferns (Nephrolepsis Green

Our maintenance team now visit regularly to prune, feed and water the wall — we’re happy to report that it’s looking great.

What they said

We asked our client to say a few words about their new installation. Here’s what they said:

"Inleaf have been fantastic throughout the whole process… I would recommend their services to anyone considering a living wall."

If you’d like something similar for your office, please get in touch.

We’ll come up with some ideas and options for your office.