Living wall adds to biophilic office design

  • Inleaf installed a living wall in the reception area of a pharmaceutical company
  • We worked to an architect’s vision for a biophilic renovation project
  • The 20m2 ~1000KGs living wall features a curved wooden frame
  • Close collaboration with joiners and mechanical and electrical contractors was key

By Daniel Atherton


The Inleaf team were challenged with a bespoke biophilic installation for the reception area of an international pharmaceutical company. Biophilic design places emphasis on nature and natural light, using natural materials wherever possible. Part of a huge office renovation project, the living wall installation was to meet the specification of bringing nature indoors.

The living wall was just one part of the architect’s vision for the three-storey renovation, so there were obstacles to navigate, such as the large staircase located in close proximity to the installation. A bespoke curved, wooden frame was to house the 20m2, ton-weight of living wall. We worked with the joiners to ensure that the structure would be both visually appealing and structurally sound.

Our expertise was tested, but this is where our design know-how adds real value to our service. We were able to advise how to bring the architect’s vision to fruition, and worked in collaboration with mechanical, electrical and lighting contractors throughout the installation to deliver a high quality installation.

The client was delighted with the results, giving the positive feedback that it had "exceeded all expectations".

Whilst this kind of complex, bespoke project suits large companies, it can be value-engineered to provide similar stunning effects for smaller organisations. We can work in challenging spaces and around structures, just like the staircase in this particular living wall project.

  • Living wall in Biohilic office design
  • Living wall in atrium space
  • Biophilic living wall project
  • Green living wall with trio Orchid display
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