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Inleaf is a successful family business that perfectly matches excellent service and a highly professional approach with genuine care for our franchisees to help ensure their success. We currently have franchise opportunities throughout the UK.

Read on to learn more about the opportunity then fill in the form on this page to request our full franchise prospectus. You’ll also be invited to one of our no-pressure, no-obligation franchise seminars where you can understand more about the opportunity and have your questions answered.

What does Inleaf do?

Inleaf does the following:

Although quite unique, our proposition is often considered alongside gardening franchise opportunities, however it’s also of interest to people that are looking for investment and business to business franchises too. It combines providing the benefits of living indoor plants with business to business sales to provide a fantastic return on investment.

  • We decorate offices, showrooms, businesses, hotels & restaurants, events and homes with stunning living plant displays for a weekly rental and maintenance fee — or we sell them outright.
  • We visit our clients regularly to maintain the plants displays, keeping them in great condition and our clients happy.
  • We supply larger, bespoke displays including green walls which can cost up to £10,000 or more
  • We provide a hassle-free Christmas tree rental and decoration service ranging in price from £295 to several thousand pounds or more for larger schemes.

Is Inleaf a rewarding franchise opportunity?

Inleaf is a great business for you and your family:

  • With our support, the business is simple to learn, easy to set up and straightforward to run.
  • You can start from home, with a very pleasant business lifestyle and work/life balance.
  • Inleaf improves the working environments of clients, so they’re happy to see you.
  • Our plants stay looking great so old clients stay with you and your business grows exponentially as you add new ones.

How will Inleaf franchise opportunities give me a better lifestyle?

Running your own business, working with plants, developing design skills, getting to meet a variety of interesting clients and making a difference in their wellbeing and working environment whilst earning a good potential profit are all really satisfying.

Inleaf allows you to balance your life, family and work because you can trade from home, involve your family, manage your own schedule and have time to enjoy what you earn.

How do clients benefit from Inleaf?

  • Visual impact and image — Healthy plants create an image of natural quality and life and
    a better image means more sales.
  • Workplace environment and productivity — Living plants bring openness, energy and life that are proven to foster more productivity.
  • Health and wellbeing — Even a few plants have been shown to improve air quality, remove bugs and create psychological calm that reduces staff-absence and sickness.
  • Ease and convenience — Because we do all the design, installation, maintenance and plant-care, our clients get the benefits of living plants without the hassle.

Click to learn more about the benefits of office plants.

What will I do day to day?

  1. Sales and design — Sales are not so difficult; There’s no hard-sell or tricks involved, just a good honest chat about what we can offer.
  2. Preparation — We use plants and containers that are hardy and look great. You need nothing more complicated than a potting bench to get great displays ready to go to your clients.
  3. Installation — You or a member of your family or team will load the displays onto your van to take to the client and install.
  4. Maintenance — Because of the approach and containers that we use, most clients need only 1 or 2 visits a month. We use automatic watering and feeding – so just 1 person can easily keep displays healthy and clients satisfied.
  5. Business development — Your business should maintain a growing number of clients that stay with you. This means that there will come a time when you need to move "off the van" to concentrate on managing growth while your team serves clients.

How do you make life easier for me?

We organise additional central promotion and handle invoicing and credit control centrally for you, so you can spend more time earning money and less time on the paperwork.

We have created our own unique software that makes pricing and servicing client jobs quick and easy – reducing your admin so you can concentrate on growing your business.

We also make sales easier for you through training, product knowledge, simple packages, our dynamic website, online promotion, telesales, referral rewards, marketing materials and more.

How is Inleaf better than others?

  • Consultation — Our approach is to take more time with a client to understand their needs and add value by helping them get the effect they’re looking for.
  • Design tools — Our unqiue, easy to use software system means clients can explore options from a visual tool presented by our franchisees in sales meetings.
  • Types of installation — our franchisees can offer services that small independents can’t offer as well – such as Christmas trees, temporary installations for events, larger bespoke and domestic installations and more.
  • Sales tools and analytics — our bespoke software will develop to help franchisees put together accurately priced quotes, manage schedules and benchmark performance for the best and most profitable service.

How much money can a franchisee make?

Franchisees making only 43 installations in their first year (95% rental at £18 per week, 5% small one-off displays and 3 Christmas installations) and 73 installations in their second year (of which, 13 are Christmas trees) could target £76,000 by Year Two.

They could then target £135,000 by Year Three, if they add 72 installs and 25 Christmas trees that year. Results grow exponentially in this sector due to existing clients being retained on contract, at the same time as you adding new ones.

What other ways can I make money?

  • Larger bespoke designs — with one-off income as much as £7,000+ or maintenance contracts of as much as £4,000+ every year.
  • Bespoke and designer installations — at the homes of wealthy and celebrity clients with one-off income as much as £2,000 to £3,000+.
  • Living green walls — impressive bespoke installations of entire living walls of beautiful plants with equally attractive revenues.
  • Events and shows — as the installation may only be needed for a couple of days with premium pricing, these can be very profitable.
  • Festive installationsChristmas tree rental and festive installations from £295 each to as much as £7,000+.

Do I need experience?

You don’t need any experience in horticulture, plants or even to have a particularly green thumb – although you will get a head start if you do.

We train you in all the skills you need and our simple approach to sales is something anyone with a bit of common sense can learn.

What set up do I need?

You can start from home, as long as you have a small amount of storage space and an area that you can dedicate to a potting bench (a simple large shed or garage will do). You will need to get your creations from the potting area to your van, so it would be best if your storage/potting area was on the same level and nearby your drive/parking area.

You can start alone and add staff or other family-members as your new business grows.

Is Inleaf the right business for me?

Inleaf can offer you and your family a great lifestyle (we know, because we have experienced it).

  • Couples and families — starting as a family business is great because one of you can concentrate on sales, whilst the others handle installations and maintenance.
  • Alone — it is certainly possible to start your new INleaf business alone because you can schedule your time to dedicate different days for sales, installations and maintenance.
  • Management/investor franchisees — although we would prefer all franchisees to spend some time in the field learning the "ropes", it is perfectly possible for a franchisee to move quickly into management and scale their business quickly — although you would need additional working capital this way.

What does it cost to join Inleaf?

You get a large territory of 47,000 businesses (an area of 1.7m population), a 15yr contract and all the stocks and equipment you need to start trading for just £30,225+VAT.

Banks may fund 50% of this cost (and working capital) (subject to status) – so you might only need £15,100 plus working capital. Once VAT registered, you can claim back the VAT element of your investment.

What do I get for my money?

Our package is so complete and keenly priced that you probably couldn’t start this sort of business for less any other way.

Our package includes the first 3 months lease and set up of your vehicle, livery, printer, software, potting bench, storage racking, sack truck, trolley, tools, all stock, plants and pots for your first 15 average installations, your first 10 Christmas tree rentals, bulk pebbles, pot labels, horticultural supplies, company set up and accountancy, uniforms, networking membership, marketing materials, social media, website, stationery, manuals and 4 weeks of training including professional amenity course — and more.

How will you support me?

We support you in all of the following ways:

  • Assistance approaching the banks for funding and finance.
  • Extensive business training and mentoring including professional third party training.
  • Regular visits to discuss and assist your development.
  • Technical and advisory database to solve common operational questions.
  • Access to business, operational and technical support from the support office.
  • A dedicated relationship manager to care for your needs and interaction with us.
  • Anything else you may need on a fair and mutually beneficial basis, when you need it.

Can I grow my business?

Yes, we would be very interested to support you, when you are ready to get bigger.

Can I sell my business?

Yes, our contract allows you to sell your business whenever you want, as long as we can approve the new buyer.

How do I learn more?

You can contact us to learn more or to simply book a place on one of our fun and informative Discovery Days, which we hold once a month at our head office in Chorley.

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