Five reasons why your office needs plants

By Daniel Atherton


You’ve chosen a great office location, invested in ergonomic desks and chairs, and selected an attractive colour scheme – you’ve created the perfect working environment, optimally designed for happy and productive employees. Right?

Maybe not. Recent studies have shown it’s not just location or furniture quality that impacts the health, happiness and productivity of your people. It’s actually plants can make the difference.

Not convinced? Well here are five reasons that might just change your mind…

How office plants improve working environments

1. Plants increase people’s productivity

It seems unlikely, but plants really do have a huge impact on how fast and how accurately people work. University studies reveal that after plants are introduced, concentration increases. And for people working with computers the improvement can be even more dramatic – with productivity increasing as much as 10-15%.

The reason is simple. Plants remove excess carbon dioxide from the air, replenish oxygen and help people keep a clear head. And that leads on to the next great reason to have plants in your office.

2. Plants clean up your atmosphere

It takes just one plant per employee to reduce the excess carbon dioxide in your office by 50%. In addition, they also remove bacteria and mould. Plants have even been shown to reduce dust levels by up to 20%.

And then there are all the toxins we bring into the office in the form of plastics, printer paper and cleaning products, to name just a few. Indoor air can contain between two and five times the pollution you find outdoors. Studies by John Moores University have shown that better air and fewer toxins means healthier employees.

3. Plants reduce sickness

The UK has the highest number of sick days in Europe, costing the economy nearly £17bn every year. But you can combat office bugs. The University of Agriculture in Oslo found that plants can reduce minor illnesses by 30%. Another study from Australia reported that plants have a positive impact on mental health too, reducing anxiety by up to 37% and depression by as much as 58%.

The impact isn’t just physiological or psychological. Well design planting schemes create more interesting and relaxing places to be.

4. Plants create more attractive offices

We spend most of our time at work, so why wouldn’t we want to make sure everyone is comfortable and enjoys their surroundings? Just as importantly, your business needs to create that all important great first impression for visitors. Adding plants will soften your environment, preventing office spaces from seeming cold or clinical. And that means people relax. And a relaxed frame of mind leads to increased creativity.

5. Plants increase people’s creativity

You may have heard stories about marketing people bouncing around offices on pogo sticks to stimulate ‘out of the box’ thinking. Well, there is an easier (and quieter!) way. Research by Texas A&M University in 2008 showed that having attractive plants around the office can increase creative thinking by 15%. How much of a difference would that have on your business and its success?

So, to sum up – just a few well placed office plants could mean more productivity and creativity, healthier and happier employees, and a welcoming workspace that’s lush with greenery. It’s a simple and cost-effective additional that could make all the difference.

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