Artificial plants

Artificial plants


Looking for realistic artificial plants? We provide fake plants to make your spaces look fantastic.

Artificial plants can add colour and create a welcoming feel to any office space. Unlike real plants they can be placed in any space, regardless of the light and temperature conditions.

We design, install and (where required) maintain artificial office plants. We also provide preserved moss and artificial green walls.

Reasons to use artificial plants

Fake plants don’t provide the health benefits of living office plants, but they can be more suitable for certain clients, spaces and conditions.

For example:

  • Where there is little or no natural light
  • Where the temperature is not predictable or suitable
  • Difficult to access places where regular maintenance is difficult
  • Where a specific variety of plant is required in a place where the conditions wouldn’t support it
  • In tightly controlled places where specific regulations may preclude living plants
  • For clients that have a personal preference for artificial office plants

In these situations quality artificial plants can be the perfect way to improve feature spaces within your office, workplace, business or home.

Why quality artificial plants are essential

As with anything else, artificial plants can be good or bad quality.

We only supply displays of the highest quality to ensure that they are:

  • UV rated to reduce discolouration over time
  • Appropriately fire-rated to ensure they are safe
  • Of a quality where you have to look twice to spot they’re artificial

With our free artificial plant design service we give you ideas and options for displays that will look fantastic in their chosen space. This includes selecting the right type and size of plant and the designer containers that will be fitted in.

Artificial plant rental and maintenance

Artificial plants obviously don’t need to be fed, watered or pruned, however we do recommend that your fake plants are still maintained to ensure they continue to look great (although this can be less frequently than for living plants).

If you are combining artificial plants into a scheme which also has living office plants then we can look after them within the maintenance of the wider scheme. If you’re only looking for artificial plants alone then we can arrange a maintenance schedule to suit your particular fake plant installation.

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